Legion Elite OKC is a dominant marketing firm headquartered in Oklahoma City! In partnership with the leader in providing sports entertainment around the globe, Legion Elite OKC raises the bar when it comes to providing exceptional face-to-face marketing and customer acquisition expertise. We’re extremely ambitious, competitive and are determined to deliver quality brand representation for our client across Oklahoma.

The atmosphere of our company is centered around our belief in the professional development of our people and our competitive drive. We aim to provide our team members the possibility to not only exceed within the marketing industry but also promote internally within our firm, by challenging both the individual and the group. With extensive plans set in place by our client, Legion Elite OKC plans to be the largest marketing firm in town by specializing in these 3 areas:


1. Customer acquisition and retention: Our team’s extensive training has allowed Legion Elite OKC to acquire thousands of customers for our client through our personal and relational system.

2. Leadership and management development: With hands-on coaching from senior management, all team members have the opportunity to become future leaders in our business and community.

3. Performance: By placing a high emphasis on results, we ensure our team is always on their A game and understands the value of exceeding our client’s expectations quarter after quarter!


We are so fortunate to work with such incredible leaders in the marketing industry and are eternally grateful for the challenging atmosphere they have created for us. You’ve probably heard the saying “work hard, play hard” and well…we invented it! Well no, just kidding that wasn’t us, but we do embody the saying! Providing an atmosphere that offers a perfect balance between meaningful work and fun together is something we’ve mastered! We celebrate our victories with team bonding activities over mini golf, happy hours or Thunder’s game. We believe there’s a difference between doing work and doing your life’s work.